Truesix's September publicity harvest: BBC, Lifehack, Fast Mode, and more

Check out our September achievements – media coverage for DeskTime, LMT, LendSecured & other clients of ours!

As this is a publicity recap for September, I was trying to embed some references to Earth, Wind & Fire's – September, of course. But my creative juices weren't flowing, so I'll just say that it's an epic song, and you all should listen to it whether it's September or not.

Last month our team continued to shower our clients with media attention. We managed to score nearly 50 publications – how cool is that? Media names included Hackernoon, Fast Mode, BBC (yep!), Thrillist, and many more. Read on to find out more about Truesix's latest accomplishments.

A big month for DeskTime

DeskTime, an automatic time tracking software company, is a long-term client of ours. We love exploring topics related to productivity, efficiency, work-life balance, and so on. While in August DeskTime already received considerable media attention with a data-based update on the 52:17 productivity ratio, September also brought a lot of good news. 

Our colleague Ieva continued the winning path of exploring how remote work has shifted the work-rest pattern of our workdays, based on DeskTime's data. Her article How Remote Work Affects Your Productivity And Wellbeing (Backed By Data) was published on Lifehack. Also, the Truesix team tried out virtual coworking for a week and measured our productivity with DeskTime to see if such an approach could boost our productivity levels while working remotely. A piece on that saw the daylight on Hackernoon

But that wasn't it for DeskTime in September: 

  • DeskTime's CEO, Artis Rozentals, commented on the company's policy on mental health support during the pandemic, and was featured on Capterra.

We were thrilled to see all the hard work paying off with so many fantastic publications for DeskTime in September. Way to go!

Spotted by media: LMT

September was a busy month innovation-wise for our client, Latvian mobile innovator and IT company, LMT. We were honored to be the ones delivering many exciting news stories to the tech media and see them being published. 

News on LMT's recently launched 5G mobility testbed in Biķernieki race track was spotted in several media outlets, covering telecoms, smart mobility, and tech innovations:

Additionally, in the scope of the international project, 5G-ROUTES, LMT's 5G mobility testbed will be developed into the first-ever cross-border mobility simulation space in Europe. Truesix's team is looking forward to spreading the news around when it happens!

In September, LMT also led a demonstration, showcasing 5G autonomous solutions within the iMUGS project – a European defense initiative LMT is a part of. News on this was spotted in media as well, and you can take a look at them here and here.  

And last but not least – we were happy to tell the world about LMT testing quantum-encrypted data transmission with Mikrotik. And this news caught some publicity, too, for example, on Fast Mode, Telecompaper, Tech Gaming Report

Agricultural crowdfunding & Europe's leading 5G ecosystem event 

At the very beginning of last month, our client LendSecured, an agricultural crowdfunding platform supporting rural farmers in Europe, announced a brand merger with Lande. By merging, they began expansion to the Baltics, with the Estonian market being the first on their list. 

The merger news was picked up by such media outlets as:

Moving on with Truesix's latest publicity news – Europe's leading 5G ecosystem forum, 5G Techritory, is back in 2021! On November 22-25, the phygital event will join 5G industry-leading voices to discuss industry burning questions, explore the newest R&D novelties and look to uncover the real value of 5G. We spread the word on event announcement, and the news was spotted in:

5G Techritory 2021 has added new components to the Forum, such as World Day, Tech Day, and Emporium. Check out what's in store for this year's event and save your free spot for 5G Techritory here!

Final remarks

As we get back to doing our best to achieve media coverage for our clients, we just wanted to say that working with such inspiring, innovative, and, well, cool clients makes our days brighter. Truesix's team is looking forward to all the publicity achievements that are yet to come!

Spoiler: some great things have already happened in October, but you'll have to wait for the next publicity recap to read about them. Stay tuned!

But for now – bye-bye! And here's a pic collage from the day when we had a potato crisps tasting and Truesix's co-founder Julia was the best crisps sommelier. She knew exactly WHAT to bring for her team when returning from a vacay in Canada.