Truesix's August 2021: publications in Inc., Fast Company, Yahoo Finance & more

It's August's turn to be reviewed and celebrated, and that month was a real gem – 50+ publications, Truesix's 4th birthday, and other joyous things. Read on!

Hi there! Delivering the latest publicity news from the Truesix team. It's August's turn to be reviewed and celebrated, and that month was a real gem publicity-wise.

While we delivered 50+ (!) publications for our clients last month, our friends' and relatives' gardens delivered tons of... tomatoes! Due to that, Truesix's two most popular phrases in August probably were “Yay, a publication!” and “Does anyone need tomatoes?”. But enough with the ketchup, let's catch up on our publicity success. 

Updating the famous 52-17 rule (it's 112-26 now)

Have you ever heard of a 52-17 productivity method? According to it, the most productive people work on average for 52 minutes and then take a 17-minutes long break, repeating such a ratio throughout their workdays. 

One of our long-term clients, time tracking software DeskTime, discovered this productivity rule back in 2014. It drew significant attention to taking breaks during the workday as an approach leading to better work performance. 

Moreover, DeskTime's 52-17 discovery, PR'ed by Truesix's very own Julia and Krista, went, well, kind of viral. Initially, it was picked up by the Muse, and then publicity in such media as Inc., Lifehacker, the Atlantic, Fast Company, the Washington Post followed. There were even mobile apps, tools, and a web browser timer made according to the 52-17 rule.

Being a time tracking app used by 300+k users worldwide, DeskTime has access to a lot of interesting data on employee work habits, productivity patterns, and more. And the Truesix team knows how media loves original data stories. This is why we encouraged DeskTime to repeat 2014's productivity study and see if the 52-17 rule has changed by now.

And guess what? It has. And a lot.


The 2021 study found that 10% of the most productive individuals work on average for 112 minutes and take a 26 minutes-long break afterward. It was explained by the pandemic-induced remote work era and working from home, which is wrecking our work-life balance as we tend to work longer hours. 

The Truesix team was eager to spread the word about the new 112-26 rule, and it landed in more than 20+ media outlets, including such BIG names as:

And how about you? Are you sticking to your pre-pandemic work-break rate, or has it also drastically shifted? Leave us a comment – we're eager to hear!

FIXAR drones happily flying in Canada

Maybe you've noticed that we have a somewhat sweet spot for drone innovations, among other tech things. Therefore, we're always excited when our clients ask us to deliver news on their UAS novelties. 

In August, the EU-based commercial drone developer FIXAR acquired Canadian approval for BVLOS operations. Their FIXAR 007 fixed-wing VTOL drone offers strong reliability, ensuring public safety requirements needed for BVLOS flights. Therefore, FIXAR's drone is a perfect tool for first responders and large-scale BVLOS missions that Canada's vast geography can undoubtedly benefit from. 

We sent out this news and landed decent media coverage – more than 20 outlets talking about FIXAR's drones in Canada. 

Check it out:

What's more, we also managed to land FIXAR not one but two features in drone industry magazines – RotorDrone Pro's August/September '21 issue* and the Drone User Magazine's October '21 issue*. 

*To read both magazine articles paid access is required. 

Fintech, AI-based website scoring, and cellular stories

Besides productivity ratio updates and drone news, the Truesix team had the privilege to deliver some more news stories and aim for media coverage. Here's what else we achieved in August! 

Our client LendSecured's name took the spotlight in the Fintech Times with a featured article – “LendSecured: Funding the Underfunded – How To Keep Small-Scale Farms in Business”. Our co-founder Krista was the one behind this success story. Want to learn how to pitch journalists? Ask her for some excellent tips!

The AI-based website reviews tool Smart.Reviews recently exceeded 552,000 scored websites, surpassing the industry leader, Trustpilot. Smart.Reviews achieved this score in only two years of development, while Trustpilot has been active for 14 years now. We helped the news fly and watched it land on Yahoo Finance

Another client of ours, LMT, also caught some media attention in August, securing two publications:

  • LMT's VP & Member of the Management Board, Ingmārs Pūķis, spoke to Thrive Global and shared his path in the IT industry and told why it's essential to step out of one's comfort zone to try new tech developments
  • As LMT recently partnered with an Estonian startup, Fyma, to offer AI-based traffic analysis of the Baltic roads, this was also some news to share – spotted by Labs of Latvia 

Bonus mention: I have NO idea how but in the previous publicity recap, I somehow forgot to mention a Forbes article that featured not one, not two, but three (!) of our clients. Check out “Baltic Disruptors Connect The Dots With Cellular Infrastructure”, a piece written by Will Townsend, covering the stories of our clients Kedeon, Vendon, and Strops Technology.

To wrap it all up

I always struggle with the goodbye part for our recaps. Should I write “that's it for now, stay tuned” for the 5th time in a publicity recap row, should I throw in some gif, or come up with a super creative ending idea (which I usually don't)?

But this one's going to be easy – ending this article with a super honorable mention of Truesix's 4th birthday! 

On the 3rd of August, Truesix celebrated its 4th anniversary. Boy, the time flies! We couldn't decide on birthday activities at first but ended up having a small brunch in our office and then going out for tacos & tasty cocktails for lunch. 

Tacos or not, it's just an absolute delight to work on cool things alongside people that inspire you every day. May you all experience such joy! 

See you in the next publicity recap when I'll be reviewing the September publications harvest!