Ahead of the curve – chasing global spotlight for Latvia's success stories

Latvia managed to stay ahead of the curve of the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic thanks to its tech innovations and out-of-the-box approaches. And our team had the honor to share this national success with the world, resulting in 70+ international publications in some of the world's top media.

The Truesix team is undoubtedly one of Latvia's main cheerleaders. Be it tech innovations, startup visas, or the country's talent pool – if there's a way to talk about it on a global scale, we'll be there. This is why back in 2020, we were truly honored to be the agency working on Latvia's Ahead of the curve PR campaign, and national Covid-19 pandemic success stories globally.


The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 caused worldwide chaos and crisis. But as it often is with truly innovative ideas – they emerge under challenging times. Thanks to brilliant solutions delivered both by the private and public sectors, Latvia managed to be ahead of the pandemic curve during its first major hit in 2020. And our team was the one bringing 8 national success stories from Latvia to a global audience.


The Truesix team happily accepted the international PR challenge of writing and delivering eight stories within two months – a brand new story each week. All eight covered Latvian-born innovations and successful approaches to combating the Covid-19 pandemic. The topics included country-wide digital tools, new products developed in response to the pandemic, remote work and socially responsible travel options in Latvia, and more. 

After establishing the most engaging angle of each story and listing relevant media outlets, we pitched the stories to international publications. The stories were vastly different from each other, which made our work more interesting as some of the topics were a bit out of our usual scope. And yet, it's safe to say that we succeeded.


Altogether our efforts resulted in 70+ publications across international media. More than 50 were online media outlets with domain authority >50. Latvia's pandemic success stories written by us appeared in such media as:

Making Latvia's success stories appear in international publications was more than an achievement for our team – it was our contribution to the broader recognition of Latvia.

Ahead of the curve in numbers

  • 8 stories in 8 weeks
  • 70+ publications in international media
  • 5 publications in media with a domain authority >80
  • 50+ publications in outlets with a domain authority >50

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