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I know I need to start writing a blog….I just don't know where to begin
I’m not a writer
I don't know what to write about
Have you ever had similar thoughts?
That's all bullshit.
I learned to write. And now I make a living from it. If you were to ask my 10th grade English teacher, she wouldn't believe me after the failing grade I got on my Macbeth essay.

Over a decade later, I've been published everywhere on the web, from Mashable to Venture Beat, my writing has been referenced from Forbes to the Washington Post. I've taught everything I know to my team, which now consistently gets premium content published all over the web (check out our posts here).

The point: you can learn to write well. You just need the right toolbox.

This course is for you if you:

  • You want to start blogging but don't know where to begin
  • Your product sales happen mostly online
  • See the potential of business blogging but can't afford to hire professionals

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to come up with consistently great blog topic ideas
  • How to write blog posts that online readers love
  • The tools you need to know to be able to actually write the content yourself
  • What to do with the blog once it's published to get the most out of your effort

How do we know these things?

We're a content marketing agency with 6+ years of experience. Our content helps company blogs grow their domain authority, be helpful to their clients, and double the backlinks.

Here's proof:

We took over the DeskTime blog in March of 2017. This is the growth of the backlinks over 7 months

Now, we've finally put everything we know into one course, and are ready to teach you how to consistently create blog posts that readers love and that attract traffic.

What you get:

  • A step-by-step guided lesson plan with a lesson and plenty of examples
  • A practical assignment for every lesson
  • A workbook that guides you through each practical lesson
  • An one-hour consultation by Truesix

In the end, you will have:

  • Written and published your first blog
  • Traffic to your article from over 15 sources
  • A list of future blog posts to write

Most importantly - you will have the skills and toolbox to consistently create great content that readers love and that drives traffic.

Take a look at what you'll learn:

  • LESSON 1

    Which blogging platform is right for you + a quiz to help you guide your decision
  • LESSON 2

    How to come up with consistently great topics that your readers care about
  • LESSON 3

    How to do a basic keyword research and make your blog post so search engine optimized that Google sends you love
  • LESSON 4

    How to structure your blog post so that your readers stay interested to the end
  • LESSON 5

    How to start writing. Tips and methods to get the content out and onto paper
  • LESSON 6

    Copywriting and language hacks that instantly elevate your writing
  • LESSON 7

    How to format your post for the modern, lazy, online reader
  • LESSON 8

    How to write a headline that grabs attention and doesn't let go
  • LESSON 9

    How to edit your blog post so that it looks polished and professional
  • LESSON 10

    Distributing your blog post to drive traffic. Writing the blog post is only half of the work - we'll show you how to do the rest

Start churning out consistently great content

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