Truesix's September 2020 publicity recap: Crossing borders with 5G

It is a privilege to have our office right across the street from one of Riga’s most beautiful parks. Why so? We get to notice how seasons change…

It is a privilege to have our office right across the street from one of Riga’s most beautiful parks. Why so? We get to notice how seasons change even if days are passing by too quickly. The green view from our office windows has turned into a green-ish now, and the Google calendar is unapologetically saying it's the very middle of autumn. That means – time for a recap post!

Drone, the traveler

At the very beginning of September, when many locals were exploring the traveling opportunities offered to them by the Baltic bubble, our client, LMT, sent a drone on a trip to a neighboring Baltic country, Estonia, as well. Yet it wasn't just an ordinary “let's visit Estonia” trip. It became the first cross-border drone flight conducted entirely on the mobile network without losing connectivity.

The flight was performed during the conversation festival LAMPA while festival speakers discussed drones’ future role in society. The drone’s journey was live-streamed, showing it's flight Beyond the Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) as well as the crossing of the Latvian-Estonian border. The viewers became witnesses of a significant step towards expanding the scope of potential drones' applications and their technological capabilities.

The traveling drone was equipped with two SIM cards, one from each destination country, and switched between them as it crossed the border. The process proved that it's technically feasible to change networks in a few milliseconds and gave the needed assurance to continue developing cross-border mobile network-based projects. Besides, LMT's strong network coverage showed that testing other 5G use cases, not just drone flights, can be carried out with confidence.

Truesix was happy to witness the drone’s journey online and distribute the news about it to a wider audience. And it turned out that it wasn't just the local hype about the flight – the international drones' world was also impressed by the accomplishment of LMT.

The article about the cross-border drone flight got published in 20+ industry-related media sources. Even though we celebrate all of our publications and achievements (it boosts our confidence and, therefore, our further performance), yet here are a few sources that we were especially happy to be featured in:

5G Techritory is just around the corner

The 3rd-annual Baltic Sea Region 5G ecosystem forum, 5G Techritory, will go live virtually on November 11-12, which is, oh boy, pretty close. While the 5G enthusiasts' community is waiting for the phygital event, Truesix is heads down working on drawing public attention to the Forum.

Last month Truesix was delighted to spot an article about 5G Techritory appearing in the leading German-language trade journal, Convention International. The article was published in German, which widens the engaged audience and undoubtedly aligns with the aims of 5G Techritory, such as bringing together diverse players of the 5G industry to stimulate its growth and success. Read the article here.

This year the 5G Techritory's topics will be delivered on four stages by 120+ speakers – the 5G industry leaders, stakeholders, policymakers, and more. Some of the speakers include Dean Bubley (director of Disruptive Analysis), Andreas Muller (head of communication and network technology at Bosch), Sylvia Lu (head of technology strategy at u-blox).

Visit the Forum's site to find out more about the line-up and the event's current agenda. And, of course, see you at the 5G Techritory on November 11-12, 2020!

What's it like to be our client's client? Awesome!

Truesix has been working with DeskTime, a time tracking software company, for quite some time now. And by the way, next to providing the company with written material, Truesix's co-founder Julia has also become a vlogger on DeskTime's Youtube channel. She experiments with different productivity techniques and even quit drinking coffee for the vlog recently. It turns out content marketing borders stretch out pretty far – awesome, isn't it?

A cool thumbnail with Julia quite literally blocking her time

On top of managing DeskTime's content creation side of business, we also use their time tracking tool daily to follow our work hours, measure productivity, and more. That undoubtedly gives us valuable insight into the time tracking tool; however, it also has become a significant part of our working day, especially during the remote work conditions. 

DeskTime and Truesix both were featured in the Bickie weekly newsletter, where we recommended a product we cannot imagine our daily working routine without. Tracking our working hours with DeskTime boosts our productivity, maintains the self-accountability, and overall helps manage the workload. Besides, it allows us to maintain freer working schedules – the efficiency and productivity analysis show when we individually perform the best and, therefore, we all can adjust our working hours accordingly.

Here's a screenshot of us being featured in the newsletter:

So, that's it about our September. Hope you enjoyed this short publicity recap post because we enjoyed spotting the publications during the last month for sure. Have a colorful autumn, enjoy sunlight when possible, and stay safe and healthy!