Truesix's March recap: ReadWrite, World Music Journal, and the usual suspects

Oh gosh, it's April already?! Busy, busy, busy…

Oops, we've skipped February and (M)arched into April. May it never happen again. 

It's not that nothing happened in February. On the contrary, everything did. New clients, old clients, not-really-new-but-not-quite-old clients – the Truesix team was hellbent on knocking it out the park for every last one of them. And that's what we did. 

We took Esketit's news on an international tour from the UK to China. We introduced the world to the brilliant minds behind Supliful through interviews, podcasts, and ReadWrite opinion pieces. We made Babbit's speaker news reverberate through top music media

Our usual suspects got some love too. In February, DeskTime saw themselves in Forbes (twice!), UpJourney, and GanttPRO. Meanwhile, LMT's AI traffic solution news made the rounds in popular, as well as niche media

We made good use of every last day in the shortest month of the year. 

Ok, NOW we're getting to March

After barraging journalists endlessly all February, we decided to let them catch their breath in March. This was a slightly calmer month in terms of publications – a much-needed respite for everyone involved, especially so because, spoiler alert, April is going to be bonkers. 

We haven't just been leisurely lounging around. No. We've been drafting, writing, and polishing exciting press releases and opinion pieces for half-a-dozen clients, all of which are going to go out in April, like a wind-up car bursting into motion. 

And even with all these preparations underway, we still managed to squeeze in some major publications in March. Babbit and DeskTime got the spotlight. 

All we hear is radio ga ga, radio goo goo

Have you heard of Babbit? It's a speaker system that can be used by toddlers. It's true. We even invited a toddler QA tester to run a rigorous performance analysis, only for the speaker system to pass with flying colors – our professional tester understood how to use it in seconds.

So, you get these beautifully designed speakers in a wooden casing that's amazing to the touch. Between the speakers themselves, there's a convenient platform. On that platform, you or your child can place colourful Babbit Rainbow cards, each of which is linked to an expert-curated or self-crafted playlist on Spotify.

This allows a child to explore the world of music – they're in control of what they want to listen to. Such a positive and unique product caught a lot of attention in the previous month and, in March, got a write up in WifiHifi and HiFi PiG

It's also just a good-looking speaker that can be used by anyone. We've always got some tunes on in the office on ours, despite our lack of resident toddlers. 

DeskTime every time

Not a month goes by without a publication for DeskTime. It's such an interesting product with such a passionate team behind it that there's always something to say, something to write. 

DeskTime appeared in Forbes with a data-driven review of different work models 2 years into the pandemic. Here are a couple of the main takeaways:

  • Hybrid work rules – hybrid workers are the most productive.
  • On average, remote workers work almost an ENTIRE hour longer than in-office or hybrid workers. 

Are you a remote worker? That second thing – it's kind of scary, no? DeskTime's CEO points out that companies need to review WHY this happens and be careful not to overwork their remote workers. 

Everyone was happy when productivity went up after going remote at the start of the pandemic. But it looks like it's not because we're somehow magically better workers at home. It's simply because we work longer hours. 

Talking about how to solve various productivity and efficiency challenges was DeskTime's Toms, who appeared on Yeukai Business Show to share DeskTime's approach to management. 

In other news…

It's a crazy time and our hearts are with Ukraine. Horror mixed with feelings of helplessness pushed us to find ways to help those affected by war. 

So we donated and volunteered, spending a Friday in mid-March helping out at the “Tavi Draugi” donation point. We packed boxes, sorted clothes, accepted donations – expending weeks of pent-up stress and anger in a productive way. 

And we went back and did it all again on the first day of April. 

You can too, by the way – here's the sign-up form

See you there?


P.S. If you hear of any Ukrainian refugees in Latvia with PR or content marketing experience and a good grasp of English, don't hesitate to give them our contact info: 

(+371) 261 00 633 |