Truesix's June 2021 – chasing the rays of media coverage

Well, hello there! Another month, another publicity recap. June has been rewarding in terms of media attention – check out what we've been up to!

Well, hello there. Another month, another publicity recap. June has been rewarding in terms of media attention. Plus, the Truesix team is finally fully vaccinated and able to work in our new office. And honestly, that still feels like dreaming as only a few months earlier, back-to-office-work seemed to be light-years away. However, we're also taking advantage of a hybrid work setting and enjoying the oh-so-warm summer Latvia experiences this year. And despite the fact that it's been bazillion degrees outside for a few weeks in a row, we're enjoying the warm season as much as we can.

So, enough about the weather (yet it's a topic I rarely fail to mention 😄), and let's get to exploring the media coverage Truesix achieved in June!

The fruitful echo of TechChill 2021

In our last month's publicity recap, we told you all about our experience organizing TechChill 2021 media relations. It was a bit of a challenge considering the fact that the event was online. But who doesn't love a good challenge, right?

All in all, TechChill 2021 caught the media's eye. Plus, there were some later interviews that we expected to result in publications. And they did! Peek in:

  • This year's Fifty Founders Battle winner Longenesis was a guest on podcast – you can listen to the episode here.
  • El Espanol's “Disruptores e Innovadores” section published an interview with Anuj Adhiya, the author of “Growth Hacking for Dummies” and one of TechChill 2021 speakers. Check it out (note that it's in Spanish)!
  • And we spotted another TechChill-related media coverage in El Espanol's “Disruptores e Innovadores” section. An interview with Barbara Belvisi, founder and CEO of Interstellar Lab, a space tech company building bio regenerative villages – read the exciting piece here (again, in Spanish).

Achieving business growth due to localizing to new markets

Another great media attention in June was caught by news related to our client Lokalise. 

It's no secret that localizing one's product to new markets can open many doors and contribute to business growth. However, achieving 186% growth this way undoubtedly is a story worth sharing. Lokalise's client Revolut credited their impressive growth to localizing the app to 31 new markets. And it was an excellent opportunity for Truesix to chase some rays of media sunshine.

More than 25 media outlets published the news story, including:

Not one but two Forbes publications in a month? Yes, please!

In June, our team's achievements were connected to Forbes not once but twice. Quite cool, right?

Our client Lokalise expressed their opinions on what localization can do to solve fintech trust issues worldwide and shared actionable tips with article readers. If you wish to explore an in-depth view of the hot topic of consumer trust in digital banking and what's the role of localization, read the full article here.

Another success in Forbes came from Truesix cofounder Julia responding to a Twitter #journorequest related to productive morning dos and don'ts. Productivity hacks are something that our team knows its way around for sure and organizing work according to productivity peaks is quite common for us. Therefore, Julia's comment on why it's not the best idea to spend the valuable few morning hours checking your email made it to Forbes. Here's the article – take a look!

Gif of a person reading a book.

From the publicity point of view, that's about it from us. The team is happy back in the office. And we're also reaping the benefits of having our own backyard spot, especially during weather this crazy hot as it's now in Latvia. Afternoon productivity slump? A lovely urban paradise is ten steps away if we wish to change the scenery and breathe some fresh air.

Plus, here's an unskilled attempt to show off my non-existent collage-making skills. Anyhow, check out our backyard makeover and a very happy team back in the office after eight months of remote work.

Pic collage – urban backyard, people in an office.

Have a lovely July – stay hydrated and wear some sunscreen!