Truesix publicity recap: Twitter stats, classroom of the future, and Latvia as a 5G testbed

Last month, we managed to create and deliver some great content to our clients and dive deep into the world of tweets (and more). Why, when, and how exactly – carry on reading, and you'll find out.

Hi there! It's nice to be writing another Truesix publicity recap to share what we have been up to recently.

By the way, did you notice how February 2021 was divided into four perfectly shaped weeks, starting the month on Monday and ending it on Sunday? Cross my heart – our team spent at least 5 minutes of our beginning-of-the-month video meeting to appreciate how beautiful this year's February looked in the calendar.

Anyhow, last month, Truesix managed to create and deliver some great content to our clients and dive deep into the world of tweets (and more). Why, when, and how exactly – carry on reading, and you'll find out.

Tweet deleting statistics that caught the media's eye

For devoted Twitter users, an idea about cleansing one's feed probably pops in mind sometimes. Whether that be deleting old tweets no longer relevant to your opinions or getting rid of some not-so-flattering thought blurbs that shouldn't be public in the first place. 

Surveys have shown that our social media content is often reviewed when, for example, applying for a new job. Moreover, 79% of employers have rejected a candidate based on their social media content. 

So, is there a single reason to keep your old tweets?

Well, not really. 

One of our clients, TweetDeleter, undeniably agrees. The Latvian startup provides in-bulk tweet deleting, smart tweet search, and an option to automatically cleanse your Twitter content.

TweetDeleter reviewed 200M+ deleted tweets from 2020 and found that the past year saw the most deleted tweets yet – 13.9% more than in 2019. Additionally, in 2020 the peak deleting shifted from the usual New Year's resolution cleansing spree to a heightened deleting related to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The TweetDeleter's freshly gathered statistics caught a significant portion of media attention. Tweet deleting news of 2020 was featured in more than 20 (and counting!) outlets, such as:

As always, the Truesix team was thrilled to distribute a message of such importance. It truly warmed our hearts to see how TweetDeleter statistics reflected not only a tendency of heightened privacy but also showed broader societal shifts in terms of hateful online content.

Classroom of the future, and Latvia's road to becoming a 5G leader

Without a doubt, there are many aspects of the global pandemic we'd rather forget after it finally ends. Yet some of the pandemic-induced novelties may stick around. Take, for example, hybrid classrooms. Technological development had already delivered new tools and approaches to the learning process before the mass school closings. However, 2020 significantly accelerated the development of edtech as an industry and provided real-life testing for many solutions.

Our client Catchbox is an excellent example of seeing an opportunity despite obstacles. Their wireless classroom microphone system, Catchbox Plus, improves student learning experience and educator work, especially in hybrid classroom settings. Alex More, head of the Future Classroom Project at Shaftesbury School, UK, certainly agrees on that.

The Future Classroom Project implements various tech opportunities, including Catchbox wireless microphone system, creating a genuinely innovative education space. The project's unique take on learning and its overall experience was covered in an article published in EdTechReview. And Truesix was happy to help it happen.

Another joyous publicity moment in February was connected to Latvia's progress with 5G innovations and their testing. The Dutch newspaper, Het Financieele Dagblad, published a featured article about how Latvia is taking its outstanding connectivity further with 5G applications and equipment. We were delighted to see one of our clients, Latvian telco and tech innovator, LMT, being acknowledged in the piece.

LMT is undeniably in the center of attention with its vast knowledge and experience in all-5G-everything. With its innovations ranging from telco solutions and defense projects to drone applications and more, LMT repeatedly brings Latvia's name into the spotlight of Europe's 5G stage, doing so with great determination and success. For Truesix, it's an honor to be a part of delivering news about the company's achievements, especially as it leads to wider international attention and recognition with time.

Farewell for now (+ an honorable mention)

Before Truesix waves y'all virtual goodbye, we cannot forget to brag a bit about the fact that last month our co-founder Julia participated in the Marketing Parrot’s webinar, “Gaining Global Publicity”. Among other Baltic content superstars, she shared her knowledge on how to draw media's attention, showing examples of Latvian tech companies' success stories. Without a doubt – she gave an awesome presentation.

And by the way, we highly recommend staying tuned, as you'll be able to catch Julia speaking in another online event pretty soon. Follow Truesix on Twitter (or other social media platforms if you prefer) and wait for the news!

Flipping the page, celebrating February's success, and saying – bye for now. Go catch those first warm sunbeams of springtime and remember to have fun from time to time!