Truesix January 2021 publicity recap: a peaceful start to a brand new year

I stopped myself from adding this cliché in the title just so I could throw it in the first paragraph – new year, new publicity recap

I stopped myself from adding this cliché in the title just so I could throw it in the first paragraph – new year, new publicity recap (sorry, not sorry). It feels weird to realize that one-twelfth of 2021 is gone. Yet it feels even more bizarre that it's already a brand new year.

Anyhow for Truesix, January was a slightly more peaceful month than those last few. Wise people say that life's all about balance. So we tried to enjoy the slower pace of work as much as we could. However, we did manage to create some media buzz to share with you in this publicity recap. Keep reading for a short overview!

Turning new year's resolutions into a published article

It's nice to begin the year with a clean slate, isn't it? The first weeks of January, when people are still enthusiastic about their resolutions, are always somewhat magical. But the real kudos go to those who have the guts to stick with their goals throughout the whole year. 

One of the keys to finding success with new year resolutions is taking smaller steps and setting realistic goals rather than going all loco.

If you by any chance have decided to live more environmentally-friendly in 2021, you will be happy to explore tips on making your diet more sustainable written by our colleague Ieva. Her article covering six ways to make sustainable diet changes this year was published on Pick The Brain just in time for those new-year-resolutioners. You can read it here.

The article's idea came from Ieva's own experience. And it was additionally inspired by the Nordic Council of Minister’s Future of Food research project that we've been working with since December 2020 and which was also mentioned in Ieva's article.

Setting a goal to make your actions more sustainable is probably one of the best resolutions you can decide on. The last decade has been the warmest yet, and to stop our collective climate boat from sinking, a decent place to start is revising your food consumption habits.

Save the ocean

First-ever remote drone delivery in Latvia

The last month of 2020 was significant for the drone industry in Latvia. One of our clients, LMT, conducted the first-ever remote drone delivery in the country alongside other project partners.

The BVLOS drone flight was conducted on the cellular network. Moreover, the drone used a remote ID device prototype made by LMT, enhancing the drone with remote flight capabilities and adding security for the BVLOS operation.

Combined with the project partner's drone mission and route planning system, LMT's prototype made the flight path information accessible to everyone involved. Therefore, it was a great example of how remote UAV flights can be incorporated into airspace securely and transparently.

drone delivering a parcel
LMT's drone lifting the parcel

Truesix was glad to deliver this news to the drone industry audience and drew some attention to the particular story and the Baltic drone industry in general. We collaborated with one of the remote drone delivery project partners to distribute the news and it resulted in more than 35 publications in drone and delivery industry media outlets.

Here are some of the results of Truesix's efforts: Post & Parcel, UAV Expert News,, Inside Unmanned Systems (an article that provides general insight into the drone industry in Baltics as well), and more.

Besides being pleased with seeing the media attention, we were also thrilled to deliver yet another story on drone industry achievements originating from Latvia.

Wacky content marketing ideas and the perfectly productive day

Believe it or not, we do kind of love writing here at Truesix (odd, right?). Yet when it comes to writing an article for our own blog, it brings double excitement. And fortunately, January was peaceful enough to let some of us contribute to that.

Last month was the turn for our colleague Viesturs to finally share his content creating craft with Truesix blog readers. In a dedicated content marketer's spirit, he wrote a marvelous and fun piece covering five ridiculous content marketing ideas implemented by those who are okay with going a bit (or all) bananas.

Have you ever heard of text radio or thought about creating branded GIFs and sharing stock photos? Read the article and find out why it's more than ok if some content marketing ideas stay just ideas.

Schitts Creek

When it comes to more reasonable ideas to implement, Julia conducted the ultimate productivity experiment in January. Why the ultimate? It combined all of the productivity tips & tricks she's explored on our client's DeskTime Youtube channel. And that combo created a perfectly productive day.

The first step was forming a plan for the ultimate productivity schedule and sharing it with YT's audience. Then came the real-life adventure of implementing the productivity tips. Of course, most of the efficiency suggestions show some results only after turning them into daily habits. But it was fun to see what a perfectly productive day may be. Take a look for yourself!

Bye for now

Truesix January 2021 publicity recap – almost completed. I can only add that we all genuinely look forward to what the new year has in store.

And while it's unfolding month by month, we're happy to enjoy the beautiful winter and try not to get too tired of only seeing our teammates through the computer screen. Plus, Truesix highly recommends having a Friday happy hour in your team as well. It has kept us sane (even during dry January). See ya!

Panda sliding
Here's a panda reminding you to find joy in the little things.