Our June 2020 publicity recap: drones were flying and so were we (not literally, though)

Summertime is for fun—at least that’s what people say. However, our definition of “fun” is likely different, because for us it means doing the thing we know the…

Summertime is for fun—at least that’s what people say. However, our definition of “fun” is likely different, because for us it means doing the thing we know the best—creating content and getting it published. June 2020, despite the ongoing pandemic (which has been quite successfully managed here in Latvia, by the way), has been a great month for us.

A wind of change that brought robots

Some serious humming came from Aerones, a drone startup which re-invented their original drone technology to offer a new tech solution that could bring change to how wind turbines are maintained and inspected worldwide.The story about Aerones’ latest development was quite impressive and attracted some serious media focus. 

It was noticed in both tech startup related media and media covering renewable energy topics. Overall Aerones’ latest invention story got published in 30+ sources, such as (click below to visit the publications):

In times like these, the importance of renewable energies is bigger than ever before, and the systems’ maintenance aspect is more relevant than it has ever been. Aerones has developed a ground-based robotics system that allows human operators to stay safe on the ground while drones do all the complex and crucial jobs of upkeeping wind turbines.

The idea of robots taking over the world may feel frightening at first, but it’s not the case with these drones. The potential benefit for humanity is quite big, as the Aerones’ new drone solution can increase human safety significantly. 

The digital approach may be the secret of being ahead of the curve

We’ve been glad to work alongside the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on a project called Ahead of the Curve which aims to share the most successful stories about innovative solutions that Latvia and its people have created during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Although, this is quite a new project, we’ve already managed to shed some light on it by getting the stories regarding the Ahead of the Curve project topics published in overall 60+ sources, for example:

In fact, the remote learning TV channel “Tava Klase”, created by Latvian tech companies Telia Latvija and Veset with support from the Ministry of Education, was especially noticed. The story about it got published in more than 30 media sources, highlighting Latvia’s successful  approach not only to the current pandemic overall but to remote education as well, which has been a great challenge for both schoolchildren and their parents.

And, while writing this publicity recap for June 2020, some more great news came along—the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development included the “Tava Klase” among the best remote learning solutions carried out amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Hooray! 

Honorable mentions that make us proud and our clients satisfied

June 2020 brought another client of ours some great news.           Lokalise—a localization and translation management platform creator company—was included in an article about prioritizing tech teams’ tickets on Forbes. We were there to make it happen:

The Lunicorn, a YT channel, made a video story about LMT, the biggest telco in Latvia that partners up with drone startups to test opportunities of some exciting and potential cross-border projects. Is Latvia on its way to become a realm of drones? Well, we definitely see the potential! The video available:

So, that’s it about our June 2020. It sure has been a great month with publications that made us proud and our clients satisfied. We’re truly glad about the work we’ve done and are really happy to help our clients communicate their stories to the world, as they inspire us so much every single day. Enjoy the summer and stay safe!