Oh, what a March: Truesix publicity recap

We scored quite the number of publications in March. Keep on reading for more details.

Maybe it's the first warm sunbeams after a marvelous winter in Latvia or restored energy after the Easter holidays, but it does feel like a fresh start is in the air. Our team has kickstarted spring 2021 with a brand new Truesix running-walking-activity club. Working from home has its perks, but it makes contributing to regular physical activity more challenging – so, a team “project” it is! 

Even though we may not collect an astonishing number of runners club kilometers (but if we do, I WILL let you know), we may be up for a different kind of marathon this spring – a publicity race. Because let me tell you something – we scored quite the number of publications in March. Keep on reading for more details!

Crowdfunding, e-commerce review platform, and deleted tweets

News printing

News, news, news. March was all about that for some of our clients. And for us, it was a sweet opening of the publicity race. 

A crowdfunding platform that aims to support underfunded European farmers

A €9 billion funding gap is a reality that farmers of rural Europe face. Many agriculture sector players, especially those from Emerging Europe, struggle to have enough working capital and access investments.

To help European farmers secure financing by using their grains as collateral, this spring LendSecured launched the first-of-its-kind crowdfunding platform. Besides easing the access to funding in the agricultural sector, the platform also brings an opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios and support the development of rural Europe.

The Truesix team was thrilled to contribute to the LendSecured crowdfunding platform launch news PR. And it got even better when major media covered the news, such as Tech.eu, Emerging Europe, Irish Tech News, and more.

AI-powered source for web store reviews

With numerous physical stores closed due to the global pandemic, online shopping has turned from a preference into a necessity. 

Some businesses have successfully launched brand new e-commerce sites and made their customers nothing but happy. However, the number of “burner brands” that muddy online shopping waters has also grown. 

How to know if a site that has just caught your eye, say, via Instagram, is legit or if it's a scam with fake customer reviews?

A Latvian start-up, Smart Reviews, has your back. Its newly launched platform helps customers identify and avoid untrustworthy online shopping sites with the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and web scraping. Smart Reviews collects all of the data available about a retailer and provides an assessment of its credibility.

Smart Reviews launch news drew some media attention and we were glad to make that happen. The story was covered in Arctic Startup, WBOC, Emerging Europe, and other media sources.

Tweet deleting stats continue their prime time

In the February 2021 publicity recap, we shared our success related to curious tweet deleting statistics from 2020. Our client Tweet Deleter's news story remained in the spotlight for some time in March. The news was published in media outlets such as The Star, News 18, MSN News, and more. Plus, Tweet Deleter's custom-made infographic was seen in Infographic Journal, Visualistan, and elsewhere.

By the way, did you know that 90% of employers explore a candidate's social media activity when hiring? Well, now you do. Inspired by these facts and Tweet Deleter stats, our colleague Ieva wrote an article for Lifehack on How Social Media Can Hurt Your Job Search And Your Future Career. If you haven't read it yet, we highly recommend doing so.

10 out of 10 would recommend

Hey, drone, what's up?

In March, we managed to deliver two drone-related news stories for our client, LMT. Being a considerable player in the drone industry, the telecommunications innovator took care of some fresh stories for journalists to grab.

Last month LMT and Dimetor announced their partnership to explore integrating drones into the very low level (VLL) airspace. Both companies have earlier worked together on validating drone flights BVLOS (beyond the visual line of sight) on a cellular network. This time the partnership addresses the challenges of safety and communication during the BVLOS flights and investigates how the mobile network capabilities can prompt the successful inclusion of drones into the airspace. Media coverage for this news included:

One partnership announcement is excellent, but two are undoubtedly better. In March, we helped deliver another news for LMT, this time on a collaboration agreement with Latvian national airline airBaltic for joining forces in the drone industry. The newly signed agreement foresees creating various drone solutions and developing LMT's learning program for drone pilots. Such drone industry sources covered the news as:

Drone flying

And some more content for dessert

Besides sending out pitches on drones and newly launched platforms in March, Truesix team members also wrote some guest articles and even got interviewed. 


Our colleague Ieva shared five thoughtful tips on drawing the line between work and private life (the struggle we all sometimes face, right?) on behalf of our client DeskTime in the ActiveCollab blog. If you need some inspirational guidance on building a healthy work-life harmony when working from home, without question–check out the article.

Plus, if you're a writer or someone along those lines, you may benefit from peeking in the 59 Cures for Writer's Block at the Eat Like a Writer blog. Again, Ieva shared her famous-around-Truesix cure for writer's block – boosting her creativity with a … snack! Always thought that eating in front of a computer isn't a good idea? Turns out, sometimes it can boost your creative brain.


We all probably have a set of favorite apps that we use daily for work, planning, and personal purposes. But have you ever thought about being featured on your go-to app's blog with a custom interview? Because that's exactly what Truesix's co-founder Julia did last month. 

Her favorite note-taking app, Bear, replied to one of Julia's tweets, and little did we know it turned out into an interview. Read the full article here and find out Julia's tricks & tips on using the Bear app, what her quarantine routines are, and more.


Last but not least – our very own Truesix blog had a newcomer article in March. Truesix's co-founder Krista crafted a nothing-but-awesome piece on four client media requests to which the answer will always be “no”. As the article says, we sincerely love our clients and aim for the stars with their PR and marketing goals, but a few requests are a no-go. Thoroughly explained, easy to understand, and, well, fun to read – if you haven't seen Krista's article yet, now is the time!

Time for you to read and time for me to wrap up this publicity recap. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the overview of the Truesix publicity race in March. Heads-down in work and see you when the April publicity recap comes along, bye!