Our July 2021 publicity recap

In July, our team not only landed some awesome publications but also went on our annual workation. Read on to see what else we managed to do!

Two-thirds of summer 2021 are done, one third to go! July kept delivering a real summer feeling that Truesix embraced to the fullest by going on a workation and shifting our office hours. But besides that, we also landed some pretty awesome publications for our clients. Keep reading to find out what soft packaging, in-house software solutions, and telecoms industry experience have in common (hint – they've all starred in stories spotted by media). 

Bringing sustainability and digitization to the packaging industry

Last month, one of our most recent clients, PrintOnPack.com, raised 450k EUR from SuperHero Capital to continue its digitization and sustainability reform within the packaging industry.

While some may think that PrintOnPack.com is yet another online marketplace for various packaging solutions, we can assure you that it's absolutely not all that PrintOnPack.com is. The Latvian-based soft packaging marketplace startup aims to add more digitization to the packaging industry that largely relies on manual work – in-person sales, spreadsheets for calculations. 

Additionally, PrintOnPack.com makes it possible to search for sustainable materials, for example, recycled, biodegradable packaging. The startup aims to educate clients on the sustainability cycle of soft packaging and why it's more environmentally friendly than many think.

The news on PrintOnPack.com's funding flew around the media world and landed in 26 media outlets, such as:

Click on the links above to have a read and find out more about what PrintOnPack.com is all about!

Delivering tech stories: telecoms experience, in-house software, and more

The Truesix team sure does love all things tech. And combined with our love for writing, it can bring some sweet victories publicity-wise. In July 2021, we made our clients' names appear in such media outlets as Forbes, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and more. Here's how it happened.

Spotting useful Twitter #journorequests and screening HARO requests daily is a superpower that Truesix's team sure has. Such an eagle eye led Ieva to land our client LMT's VP & Member of the Management Board Ingmars Pukis in an interview with the Authority Magazine. The media outlet conducts a series of interviews called How 5G Technology May Improve and Impact Our Lives. In his interview, Ingmars shared insights from his 20 years of experience in the telecoms industry and told about different ways how LMT keeps delivering 5G innovations.

If you're interested in reading the full interview, click here.

Other than sharing exciting news related to our clients' funding rounds, product launches, and such, we're also always happy to draw the media attention to their business experiences and lessons learned along the way. In July, this was the case with Lokalise. Their story about building an in-house software solution, which ended up being the reason why Lokalise was born, aired on Forbes.

Check out the article as it thoroughly explains the pros and cons of building an in-house solution vs. buying software.

Additionally, here are some more honorable mentions from July's publicity:

And just as important – some news & updates from the Truesix team

While July was a happy month for many of our clients publicity-wise, it was a joyous month for our team, too. And not just because we managed to catch some media attention (but undoubtedly because of that as well). 

Firstly, we went on our annual workation trip, choosing the beauty of the Latvian coastline to inspire us this year. 

The Truesix team spent three days in Bērzciems (highly recommended, btw). In this year's workation, we worked on our soon-to-be-launched e-store products, had fun playing board games, the special Truesix charades, and simply spending time with the team. 

Note: To those who feel sad because international traveling isn't a completely safe option pandemic-wise – local tourism is an excellent option to spend your vacay days!

And secondly, starting the mid of July until the end of summer, our team follows the 4-day work week and takes Fridays off to enjoy the warm season. It's a thing our team has been eager to implement for quite some time now, and this year we finally made it happen. Go healthy work-life balance and flexible work hours! 

And that's that on Truesix July. Stay tuned for more success stories as we keep working hard to draw the media's eye on our clients. And also – we have some awesome products ready to go live on the Truesix e-store. We promise – we'll let you know when they're out.

Meanwhile – follow us on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin) if you haven't yet, and enjoy the remaining weeks of summer. Bye!