Farewell to summer: August 2020 publicity recap

August was a blast! We celebrated our 3rd birthday and managed to attract some sweet media attention for our clients' stories. Read the post to find out more details!

On the day this recap post is coming to life it doesn't feel like summer's gone at all. We're working from the park, barefoot, and the sun's keeping our coffee warm. Indian summer at its best! The only thing indicating the closeness of the fall is the sound of falling leaves hitting the laptop from time to time. And that reminds – we need to tell you what we've been up to during August.

5G's getting 'phygital' this November

For the second year in a row, the TrueSix team is involved in making the 5G Techritory Forum happen. It's the top event connecting leading minds of 5G in the Baltic Sea region. This year the event is embracing a whole new format and is going to be held 'phygitally' (physically + digitally). A custom-built virtual platform will carry out the load of streaming the Forum which sets a retrospective focus this year – "A year of 5G: Learning from experience, adjusting for the future”.

We were delighted to deliver the announcement news of this year's 5G Techritory. For us, it marked a start for another chance of working with the Forum and getting involved in boosting Europe's 5G scene at some point. We were even more delighted to spot media attention attracted by this year's 5G Techritory announcement news, for example:

The 5G Techritory of 2020 promises to seek and share answers for various questions plaguing the industry. Moreover, the virtual format is going to bring together more of the 5G leading minds than ever before. And that holds the potential of a highly beneficial event for Europe's 5G scene. Find out more about the event here and save the date!

Designing the future and upgrading the safety net for remote learning

August was officially the final month for working with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency on the Ahead of the curve campaign. The focus of the campaign's stories remained set on Latvia's experience in dealing with the global pandemic of COVID-19. Yet some media spotlight last month was caught by topics related to possible future scenarios.

A storyline about Latvian-made lifestyle design products, that are aimed to maintain the society safe and healthy, was spotted in media. The article itself peeked into what tools may turn into common ingredients of the “new” reality taking place in the near future. Therefore, it explored integrating new lifestyle products into existing environments – as it's the key to a successful adaptation for the “new” normal. Media attention the article gained included sources, such as:

Another storyline of the Ahead of the curve campaign that was spotted by media last month covered remote learning and various Latvian-made EdTech tools. Latvia had been successful in managing the first period of remote learning during the spring of 2020. The prior achievements had given confidence that in case of remote learning coming back this fall, Latvia will be ready to deal with the obstacles brought by remote education.

A huge credit for the country's success in remote learning could be given to various digital tools that were implemented back in the spring. While keeping that in mind, the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia had made a contingency plan for possible pandemic scenarios during the new school year. 

The overall situation of the education industry in the country could be summoned up in “hoping for the best, ready for the worst”. The inspiring example of Latvia's remote education success story caught the eye of various media sources. Some of them were:

While now in September the pandemic situation is relatively calm and stable here in Latvia, the schools have already implemented the contingency plan delivered to them by the government. None of the schools has gone fully remote, yet some of the educational institutions are carrying out partly remote schooling.

It's too early to draw any far-reaching conclusions, however, the thoughtful strategy of the government paired with digital tools is able to provide the continuity of education in these uncertain times.

Latvia opens doors to Belarusian businesses

There's no easy way to speak about the ongoing protests in Belarus against the re-election of president Lukashenko. As a response to the growing interest of Belarusian businesses for a partial or complete relocation to Latvia, the Latvian authorities decided to help Belarusian businesses by offering a fast-track visa application.

The process of business transfers had been made possible with a significant input of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA). The institution had offered major assistance with arranging start-up visas, giving consultations and other necessary support for Belarusian entrepreneurs.

TrueSix was honoured to deliver the news out in the public, therefore it received noteworthy media attention, such as:

As for now, 12 Belarusian businesses with nearly 500 employees altogether have decided to relocate to Latvia. LIAA together with the Ministry of Economy of Latvia are actively providing needed help for the businesses in order to successfully transfer them to Latvia. And TrueSix is more than glad to see that happening!

Last but absolutely not least – TrueSix turned 3

In the middle of writing, pitching, meetings, and doing everything else that we do on a daily basis, it's important to save some time for having fun. August brought a sweet occasion for that – TrueSix turned 3! Hip hip hooray!

We decided to celebrate the fact with a bit of team-building fun. TrueSix's 3rd birthday began with a kayaking trip through the Daugava River and the City Canal of Riga. Despite the 3rd of August– the day when TrueSix was officially born–being Monday this year and the trip being scheduled on a pretty early morning hour, we managed to have a nice adventure. The weather was calm, Riga was still sleeping, and the kayaking route was everything but crowded – just about perfect.

Afterwards, we had a little brunch party at our office, because, well, celebration without some good food isn't really a celebration, right? Having the team together and looking back at what has happened during the 3 years of TrueSix was a sweet gift to the team itself. Plus, one thing is clear – a lot has been achieved and even more is there to be done.

Here's to our 3 years and at least 3 more! Cheers! 

Happy TrueSix team